'I want to inspire you about the abundant benefits of massage.'

My ethos

Each treatment I offer is unique and suited to a client's individual needs. By combining remedial massage techniques with hot stones and energy work, I am able to provide a truly unique and transformative experience.
Feel the benefits of muscle release, pain reduction and mobility. Connect with yourself on a deeper emotional, mental and spiritual level.
So often we carry past traumas, shock, pain and repressed emotions that we don't even realise we're holding onto. Hectic lifestyles with high demands can make it so easy to loose the sense of ourselves. Life goes on but we are stuck in a grey cloud not truly able to connect and feel the world and people around us. 
My treatments enable you to have time and space to open up and deal with your locked areas of tension or emotion. Through the process of my treatment you will feel deep release in many ways, not just the muscles.


I completed my initial training at the well renowned Cotswold Academy, Cirencester. I have since returned for additional courses, and continue to attend courses to ensure my skills are of the utmost quality and meet industry standards. I am always looking for new and exciting techniques that I can incorporate into my treatments to enhance the wellbeing of my clients.  
* ITEC Level 3 Massage Diploma  
* Stone Therapy Hot/Cold (FHT accredited)
* Pregnancy Massage (FHT accredited)
* Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Massage (FHT accredited)
* Indian Head Stone Massage (Sandra Jones-Rider/ Stone Eagle)
* Stone Facial Massage (Sandra Jones-Rider/ Stone Eagle)
I am listed on:
FHT Accredited Register
I am currently studying and practise the following therapies too:
Energy Healing
Marma & meridian points
Lymph massage
Crystal massage
Reiki (coming January 2022)
Tarot & Oracle readings (online & in person coming January 2022)
Take a step towards healing and breathe in life everyday,
Becky x

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